Hammond Aviation Safety Managment System Report

SMS Report Submission

This form is for the entry of an SMS report.  There are two basc types of reports, a Hazard or an Incident

A Hazard is:

Any existing or potential condition that can lead to:

  • Injury, illness or death to people; 
  • Damage to or loss of a system, equipment, or property; or 
  • Damage to the environment.

Hazard reports are a proactive process regarding something that may happen in the future if the circumstances of the operation are not changed.

An Incident is:

Any one of the following situations:

  • An accident within the operation resulting in injury or death to one or more persons
  • An occurrence other than an accident associated with the operation of aircraft or equipment which has affected the safety of the operation; 
  • Any event that results in a breach of regulations or company policy.

Incident reports are a reactive process regarding something that has already happened.


Select the type of report you wish to submit by clicking on the appropriate button below.

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